Tips of Making Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls):

Tips & Techniques of Making Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls):

1. Use Freshly Cooked Rice

Let the cooked rice cool just slightly before making them.  It should be warm/hot when you make onigiri.

2. Wet Your Hands
It’s important to wet your hands with water to prevent the rice from sticking. Prepare a bowl of water next to your working station.

3. Salt Your Hands
Salt both your hands and rub to spread all around. This helps to keep the onigiri for a longer time as well as flavoring the onigiri.

4. Give Just Enough Pressure
Your hands should be just firm enough when pressing the onigiri so the rice doesn’t fall apart and shape into the typical triangle, ball, or cylinder shapes. You don’t want to squeeze the rice too tight.
5. Use Kitchen Towel to Save for Next Day
If you want to make onigiri for lunch the next day but don’t want to wake up early, here’s my tip. You can wrap the finished onigiri (in plastic wrap) with a thick kitchen towel to protect from being too cold in the refrigerator. Rice gets hard in the refrigerator but with this easy trick, your onigiri will be cool enough to stay safe.
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Like everything else, practice makes perfect when comes to making onigiri. For a visual guide, you can watch my video and see step-by-step instructions below. The best part about making onigiri at home is you can always engage your little ones as their ‘craft day in the kitchen’. Make it fun and enjoyable! 

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