I like flowers, but I'm busy... I recommend planting them all together! You can enjoy various flower expressions in one container garden

Growing plants, the soil must be good, I think it's better to use commercially available culture soils, There are three simple conditions for good soil.
container garden

What you need for grouping

  • Soil, seedlings, containers, gardening goods
Growing plants, the soil must be good, I think it's better to use commercially available culture soils, There are three simple conditions for good soil.
  1. It has a long life. It retains water without drying even if it is given water
  2. It has good drainage. It sinks immediately when it is given water without collecting on the surface
  3. It has good air permeability. There is just a good gap in the air to let through enough air


Choosing good seedlings is also a key to successful planting In general, good seedlings are:
  • The stems are thick
  • The leaves are bright and lustrous
  • The leaves are not too large
  • The distance between the leaves is narrow, some flowers are beginning to bloom and buds, but if you want to enjoy it for a long time, It is better than the buds do not bloom.
The leaves are bright and lustrous

containers step of choosing a container is very critical, many choices of materials for the pot, but each has characteristics. You can adjust it to their placement location.

  • Terracotta A terracotta bowl that has a fashionable atmosphere has good ventilation and drainage and has the advantage that any plant can grow easily. However, it is heavy and easily broken when dropped, and the price is a little higher than that of plastics.
  • Plastic The advantage is that it is light and durable, easy to handle, and cheap in price. Recently, design and color variations have become rich. However, it is not breathable, so plants that prefer drying should be placed in a well-ventilated place.
  • Wood A container that is very sturdy, breathable, and has a natural texture that fits well with any plant. However, as with terracotta, those made in foreign countries have the drawback of being expensive.

Preparation of gardening goods

In the beginning, you can use containers and group silverware as a group if you have the minimum necessary preparation such as shovels and watering cans, so you should gradually prepare your favorites. Planted standard group planting.

Spread pumice stones in a length of 2-3 cm. This improves drainage

  • Match the size of the bottom net and cut it down. (Some are attached to the container)
  • Spread pumice stones in a length of 2-3 cm. This improves drainage.
  • Mix a small amount of culture soil and slow-release fertilizer or organic fertilizer to make the soil. Be sure to check the culture soil that contains fertilizer.
  • Put the seedlings in the pot as they are in the vinyl pot, measure the height of the roots, and leave a small amount for them and add a little soil.
  •  Put all the seedlings in a pot and check the balance. Those that hang down should be placed in consideration of it.
  • Take out the seedlings from the vinyl pot and remove excess soil.
  • Put seedlings in the pot and add the soil to the place 3-5 cm below the edge of the pot, taking care not to fill the growing points of the seedlings.
  • Give plenty of water after planting. Add water if water causes water to run out of water.

Reuse of old soil

It is a waste to throw away the used soil, so let's reuse it, Remove the old soil left from the container (pot) and loosen it thoroughly.

Knead well when it becomes mud
  • Sift the old soil to remove foreign matter such as old roots and weeds
  • Remove the soil from the vinyl sheet spread in a sunny place and pour plenty of water on it
  • Knead well when it becomes mud
  • Spread it out and dry it well for 2-3 days
  • When it is dry, add a small amount of mulch, quicklime, organic fertilizer