100 Discus Classification according to color and line | king fish

how to classify discs based on physical characteristics

Discus: Aquarium fish are very popular because of their bright colors and many interesting patterns. 

Most of the discus fish enthusiasts are looking for extraordinary specimens. They want fish that look good and are stylish unique to their aquarium tanks.

For beginners who want to choose discs: You need to know, this fish is actually quite difficult to maintain because it requires you to make frequent changes water, but that complexity makes the selling price of Symphysodon ornamental fish relatively expensive


Classification based on physical characteristics allows the experimentation and manufacturing of many specimens and varieties of different discus fish.

Based on the classification that has been applied FishBase: classification by heritage there are only 3 types of disc fish: Symphysodon is highly social, Like cichlids from the genus Pterophyllum (angelfish).
  • Symphysodon aequifasciatus Pellegrin, 1904 (Blue discus or brown discus)
  • Symphysodon discus Heckel, 1840 (Red discus or Heckel discus)
  • Symphysodon tarzoo E. Lyons, 1959 (Green discus)
However, when this is done, the classification of discs based on inheritance becomes almost impossible to recognize visually. 

Behind many of these experiments, resulting in a good side for discus fish enthusiasts, many types of discus are available today. You can see in the photo below

1 Red Cover Discus

2 High Bodied Checkerboard Pigeon Discus

3 Cuipeau F1 Cross Discus, Dark Base


4 High Bodied Red Tiger Turquoise Discus

5 Blue Alenquer Cross Discus, Dark Base

6 Red Diamond Discus, Proven

7 Brilliant Blue Turquoise Discus, Proven

8 Full Yellow Faced Albino Millenium Gold, Proven Breeding

9 Dark Heckel Cross Discus

10 Albino Red Alenquer Discus, Uniform Pattern

11 High Bodied White Butterfly Discus, Yellow Base

12 Red Calico Discus

13 Red Blue Heckel Cross Discus

Curuai Wild Discus Pair with fry swimming

14 Pearl Turquoise Discus

15 High Bodied Blue Cobalt Discus

16 Virgin Alenquer Snakeskin Cross Discus

17 High-Bodied Penang Eruption Discus

18 Wild Green Cross Discus, Slate Base, Black Halo

19 Blue Eruption Leopard Snakeskin

20 Royal Blue Turquoise Cross Discus

21 High Bodied Blue Snakeskin Discus

22 Sapphire Ruby Discus, Dark Burgundy Base

23 Sapphire Ruby Discus, Light Face

24 Koi Discus, Clear Body

25 Penang Eruption Discus, Proven Breeding Pair

26 Marlboro Red Panda Discus

27 Virgin Red Discus, Dark Base

28 Virgin Red Discus, Brown Base

29 Slate Alenquer Cross Discus

30 Striated Albino Platinum Throwback Discus

31 High Bodied White Butterfly Discus

32 High Bodied Red Snakeskin Discus

33 Brilliant Blue Turquoise, Proven Breeding Pair
34 Blue Diamond Discus, Proven Breeding Pair

35 Golden Pearl Pigeon Snakeskin Discus

36 German Red Turquoise Discus, Proven Breeding Pair

37 Valentine Discus, Proven Breeding Pair

38 Checkerboard Pigeon Discus, Thick Pattern, Proven Breeding Pair

39 Red Eagle Discus, Wide Pattern, Proven Breeding Pair

40 Blue Mosaic Leopard Discus, Proven Breeding Pair

41 Classic Red Eagle Discus, Proven Breeding Pair

42 Checkerboard Pigeon Discus, Proven Breeding Pair

43 Albino Rafflesia Discus

44 Blue Altum Flora Discus

45 Striated Cuipeua Cross Discus
46 Wild Green Cross Discus, Black Halo
47 Reflection D Cross Discus, Green Base
48 Cuipeua Cross Discus, Dark Base
49 Cuipeua Cross Discus, Light Base
50 Reflection D Cross Discus, Silver Base

51 Golden Butterfly Discus
52 High Bodied Brilliant Blue Turquoise Discus
53 Intermediate Reflection D Cross Discus
54 High Bodied Green Altum Flora Discus
56 Red Altum Flora Discus, Thick Pattern
57 Giant Flora Cross Discus, Turquoise Base
58 Ocean Green Snakeskin Discus
59 Intermediate Albino Golden Discus
60 High Bodied Red Pigeon Snakeskin Discus
61 Green Snakeskin (14-Bar) Discus, Red Base
62 Albino Red Cover Discus
63 Classic Red Diamond Discus
64 Albino Red Diamond Discus
65 Tangerine Diamond Discus
66 Red Panda Discus, Clustered Pattern
67 Mosaic Turquoise Discus, Blue Base, Wide Pattern
68 Brilliant Blue Turquoise Discus, Green Base
69 Albino Red Spotted Green Discus
70 Tangerine Carnation Pigeon Discus
71 Albino Cobalt Discus
72 Albino Snow White Discus
73 Tangerine Pearl Pigeon Discus
74 Penang Eruption Discus, Yellow Base
75 Penang Eruption Discus, Blue Base
76 High Bodied Blue Diamond Discus With Deep Blue Gene

77 Yellow-Faced Snow White Discus
78 Dark Green Fineline Snakeskin Discus

79 Mosaic Leopard Discus, Blue Base
80 Mosaic Leopard Discus, Orange Base, Wide Pattern

81 Super Eruption Discus, Blue Base

82 Golden Leopard Discus, Light Base

83 Classic Leopard Discus, Green Base

84 Yellow Leopard Discus
85 Classic Leopard Discus, Blue Base
86 Classic Leopard Discus, Yellow Base
87 Albino Snakeskin Discus
88 Striated San Merah Discus
89 High Bodied Striated San Merah Discus
90 San Merah Discus, Proven Breeding Pair
91 Classic San Merah Discus
92 Red Eruption Leopard Discus, Red Base

93 Classic Blue Turquoise Discus

94 Brilliant Blue Turquoise Discus, Thick-Lined

95 Albino Pearl Diamond, Light & Dark Base, Proven Breeding Pair

96 Green Alenquer Heckel Cross Discus

97 Yellow Rafflesia Discus

98 Yellow Pigeon Blood Discus

99 German Red Turquoise Discus, Red Base

100 Ocean Green Heckel Cross Discus

This information will be updated gradually: 

Hackel discus species according to color and line
Hackel discus match colors and line
Hackel discus according to color and line

1 Yellow Heckel Cross Discus
2 Red Eruption Leopard Snakeskin, Sparse Pattern
3 Golden Pigeon Leopard Discus, White Base
4 Leopard Discus, Blue Base
5 Silver Pigeon Leopard Discus
6 Blue Mercury Discus
7 Valentine Discus, Light Base
8 Striated Rose Red Discus, Light Base
9 Green Cobalt Discus
10 Orange Snow Leopard Discus
11 Orange Snow Leopard Discus
12 Snow Eruption Leopard Discus, Tangerine Base
13 Golden Red Melon Discus
14 Galaxy Turquoise Discus
15 Straight-Line Royal Flora Discus
16 Red Royal Flora Discus
17 Royal Ruby Red (3R) Discus
18 High Bodied Crimson Star Alenquer Discus
19 Blue Alenquer Cross Discus, Striated
20 Red Ring Leopard Discus
21 Green Alenquer Cross Discus
22 Albino Pearl Diamond Discus, Light Base
23 Red Melon Discus, Proven Breeding Pair
24 Red Melon Discus, Proven Breeding Pair
25 White Faced Albino Millenium Gold, Proven Breeding Pair
26 Mandarin Passion Discus
27 Fuji Red Tangerine Discus
28 Blue Faced Brown Discus
29 Albino Millenium Gold Discus, Solid
30 Super Carnation Checkerboard Pigeon Discus, Thick Line
31 Rose Red Discus, Dark Base
32 Yellow-Faced Ghost Discus
33 Blue-Faced Ghost Discus
35 Calico Discus
36 Sapphire Ruby Discus
37 Super Red Melon Discus
38 Blue-Faced Heckel Alenquer Cross Discus
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